The OGs

There are lots of great gyms in Dallas but you’re looking at the Original. 214, Deep, Lake Highlands, Big D,  Katy Trail and others are all alumni of CFDC. It’s a great community in Dallas and we are honored to be instrumental in CrossFit's inception.

Top Shelf Coaching

At CFDC, you get coached by the best in the biz. Together, we hold CrossFit level 4, 3, 2 and 1, USAW and CSCS. We have coached at the collegiate and professional level. More importantly, we continue to refine our craft with ongoing education and learning from other fitness/medical professionals.

100% CrossFit

Our foundation is layered on the methodology of what we started with 8 years ago on Our track record speaks for itself with the thousands of athletes we’ve helped to grow, develop, and succeed.

Pictured above, over 8 years ago, our first gym on Dyer Street.