Coaching Credentials:

CrossFit L1 & CrossFit L2

CrossFit Kids

Reformer Pilates

Mat Pilates

Personal Training

Schwinn Indoor Cycling

Sports Nutrition

lululemon Knox Street ambassador


CrossFit hasn't just made me physically stronger; it has made me a better person.  I have more confidence, more willpower, more adaptability, and more of a desire to challenge myself.  I now can’t imagine ever letting go of this workout and community.  As a coach, one of my daily goals is to have people leave their class feeling a little bit better, knowing a little bit more, and hopefully having a lot more positivity overall.


Dallas, TX


Southern Methodist University – BA in Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Minor in Television and Media

Athletic Background:

I played four years of high school volleyball, soccer and softball, and I also coached three seasons of high school volleyball while in college.  As far as the Dallas fitness scene goes, I actually began my coaching career on an indoor cycling bike.  I was a master spin instructor at a local studio when I added on teaching reformer Pilates, and then I helped develop and grow a HIIT concept studio of treadmill, Pilates and kettlebell interval training.  My discovery of and eventual love for CrossFit began in 2013.  I may or may not have started doing it and kept up with it because I liked a guy (who I’m now married to!), but I also became attached to the idea of constantly getting better, becoming a better mover, tracking improvement, and feeling a sense of accomplishment on a daily basis.  Oh, and I love a little competition.  

Favorite Music to Train to:

The CFDC section of my Spotify account is quite a mixed bag, but does NOT include country music or pop/girly stuff.  I prefer bigger beats, but I can always listen to the classics too.

Private Training:

1 Hour Session: $85 with package