At some point you’re gonna have to do something outside your comfort zone. This meet is a great chance to do just that, in a consequence free environment. (I mean, we like you either way, you know what I mean?)


If you have been at CFDC for 4-6 weeks, you are ready for this. If you can competently (read: not die) take the snatch and the clean and jerk from the ground and hoist it over your head, you can do that exact same thing on Friday, June 10th starting at 5 - there really is no difference!


You see, for anyone that has played a sport, you know that competition makes you better almost immediately. The experience itself will give you clarity on what you need to improve, and provide motivation to keep at this crazy thing called fitness.


You really have something that night? Really can’t arrange your schedule to be there? Hey, maybe so…or maybe you’re just making excuses.

See you Friday!!