MONDAY 5/2/16


Every 2 minutes x 6 sets (12 min total)
3x snatch from mid-thigh
[60, 65, 65, 70, 70, 75%]

Standing on 1x 25 kilo plate,
4x snatch deadlift
[80%, 85%, 85%]

100 Strict handstand pushups;
every time you break,
5x power cleans (100/70)
[20 min cap]

The most important thing to look at when determining if you can deadlift from a deficit is your lumbar posture at the beginning of the lift. If you can maintain a neutral or arched lumbar spine, you'll have no problems with performing deficit deadlifts.

A good predictor of lumbar posture is the amount of hip flexion present. As hip flexion increases, the hamstrings will eventually run out of room to stretch, and the lower back will have to flex to reach proper depth. don't do that. keep your back in check today!