Friday 4/22/16


2 Position clean + jerk
-every 90 seconds x 10 sets
3x60%, 3x65%, 2x70%, 2 @75%

Clean pull x 3
E2MOM x 6 min

Shoulder Press + Push Press:
3x5+5(10 reps total)
-beat last weeks weight

5 rounds for time:
20 wall ball
10 deadlift (100/70)

Prince, although often associated with funk and fun, catchy tunes like "kiss" and "1999", was not only a serious musician but was rock n roll, altogether. The video above is a sleepy, reverent tribute to the beatle, George Harrison. That is, until about 3:28 hits in this video...Here is why this is one of my favorite Prince videos...

-Everyone is wearing drab, boring old man clothes, and they turn the camera to prince and he's got a red top hat on with a matching ensemble. C'mon

-at one point, he is staring down Tom Petty and just falls back into the crowd as he continues to rip. Fortunately, a stagehand is there to catch him, who pushes him back on stage!

-when the performance is over, he THROWS the guitar in the air! I don't even know what happened to it!

-Before the applause even starts to reach it's highest level, Prince just struts off stage. He gone

-Oh yeah, and he just melted your face off with that solo.

Rock 'n Roll