Frequently asked questions about the Whole Life Challenge

Why are you guys bugging us about this challenge?

-Man we think this is a really cool way to give each other support and accountability to eat real food and establish some good habits along the way. It is totally optional though. Our goal, with you as a member of CFDC, is to get the best out of life and we think this is a nice tool to do that.


I’ve done other ‘challenges’ before bro, and they don’t work.

-is there a question in there somewhere? I bet what you meant to say was, why do this challenge? First of all, a challenge is a ‘mechanism’. It’s a catalyst to jump start some habits, that when you finish the challenge, you say “hey, I felt better when I did that. Maybe I should keep going with it”. If a challenge didn’t work, chances are it’s not the challenges fault, chances are you set TOO HIGH of expectations for yourself. For example, you eat a sandwich every day, drink beer 4 x a week, and eat ice cream on a regular basis, you probably are a little unrealistic in thinking you’ll go cold turkey for 8 weeks!


So, should I just not do it because I don’t wanna stop drinking DUDE.

-lucky for you, there are different levels and that’s one of my favorite parts of the challenge. There are three different levels you can choose from: beginner (kick start), intermediate (lifestyle), and advanced (performance)


Well, I’ve done this challenge before and I didn’t see the results I was looking for

-well one of three things happened then: either 1) you didn’t really follow it or 2) your needs are pretty special. Not everyone responds to the same programming for nutrition or 3) you set these big audacious goals (I need to lose 50 pounds in 8 weeks and find true love) and were a little unrealistic in how the body actually works. 


Is eating real food and making good habits all there is for nutrition? What about nutrient timing, portion control, glycemic index, macronutrient ratio/balance, or really specific or extreme goals like loose 100 pounds or increase insulin sensitivity?

-well i guess you kind of answered your own question there. Yes, there is more to nutrition then eating real food, HOWEVER, what most people have an issue with is NOT the understanding but the actual SKILL of making good choices on a consistent regular basis. I think of the whole life challenge, in it’s entirety as a great beginner step, but you are right. It’s not the whole enchilada*


Hey, but I’m going to __________ for vacation / I have that wedding / I want to be social / …and I can’t do the challenge because of those things. So I’m just not going to do it.

-seriously, listen to yourself. You think you are special? You think you’re the only one that has stuff going on? Is eating like shit while you are with other people so they don’t think you are weird so important to you that you’re willing to compromise the way you look, the way you perform and the way you feel? Don’t do the challenge then, in fact stop exercising altogether and listen to what those people want for your life and do everything that they say. 


Dude, will you get off your high horse. All I was saying is that I don’t know what food is going to be there and it will be challenging to eat the food that I’d like to stay compliant. Geez…

oh…hey, my bad. I, uh, thought you were going a different direction with that last question. Hey, you can totally cheat on this challenge. You store up points for good choices and you cash them in when you need to


How do we know this thing worked?

Three ways - we are going to:

-take body circumference measurements (as many as you want, but mainly chest, hips, and waist)

-take before pictures (strip down to your skivvies and look pathetic as possible)

-have a benchmark workout to test out improvement in performance. we’ll probably do this the monday after the challenge starts (MAY 9th)

[*enchilada not approved on whole life challenge]