Of Course...but MAYBE

Over the years, I’ve often asked the question “hey hows your nutrition going” and the answer, in almost a decade of coaching, has, like 10 out of 10 times, been: “pretty good”. The irony is that many of those people (not all) who say this, who believe they’re “doing a good job”,  don’t have the health or body composition to show for it. (I mean, besides being a super nice guy, that’s why I’m asking…)

Enter Louie C.K. 

as someone with a nut allergy, I'm extremely offended

as someone with a nut allergy, I'm extremely offended

Louie C.K. has a bit where he contrasts socially appropriate thoughts with those considered taboo. For nutrition, it might go something like this:

“Of course! Of course, you eat really well. Of course, of course, of course…but…maybe, I mean just maybe,…if you are a good 20 pounds overweight, feel sluggish and fatigued, and are pre-diabetic, you’re not quite doing the ‘good job’ you think you are?”

-END SCENE (and membership...ba-dum-cha!)-

All joking aside, is it possible that someone could eat really well and have a ‘perfect’ diet yet be overweight, tired, and riddled with lifestyle related disease? I mean, I guess, it’s possible, but not likely. Either they have a good plan and they just aren’t doing it or their plan sucks. Think you are the only one who lives in dreamland about what it is you are actually consuming? Think again.

I doubt that these people, or anyone, were trying to be dishonest with their food records. Rather, this study points out a common problem: people simply don’t have a good idea of what their dietary intake really looks like unless they are tracking it accurately. This is an important lesson for me and the rest of the coaches at CFDC. If we are going to help a member improve their nutrition, we have to provide them with the right tools that will force them to be accurate and honest in their nutritional assessment.


Enter the whole life challenge.

-Although no nutrition challenge is perfect, these guys have equipped a large group (such as CFDC) with great tools to be accurate and honest with one’s nutrition. If, after a little bit of introspection, you realize you’re eating habits aren’t up to par, there is a category and level for you. If you think you are hot shit and probably can’t gain anything from some stupid challenge; so did I. Last May humbled me in several aspects. Think about it; we’d love to be right there with you.


Having said that, group training in crossfit makes a lot of people satisfied but specific goals warrant specific training; that’s where private training comes in. That analogy coincides with nutritional guidance too. If you have 

-special needs (‘bro I wanna GAIN weight, bro, not loose it, bro’)

-a history of pathology with nutrition (or have done this challenge before and didn’t continue to see long term results)

then my guess is you need some individual attention and your life deserves it. 

If that’s you, email me directly (spencer@dallascrossfit.com) and we’d love to help.

if you're still not sure if I'm talking to you or not, remember: