The opens are what?

Crossfit’s original design was not to exercise to be the best at exercise alone. The workouts are competitive so it was a natural evolution, but crossfit started out as a strength and conditioning program to prepare you for something…else. Fast forward to today, the Crossfit open has many meanings to many different people but for everyone they at least provide a 5 week celebration, if you will, a 5 week test to see how you have improved, primarily your conditioning, over the year. Now I’ll be the first to admit that their are some limitations but overall it’s a fun thing to participate in. In years past, it’s taken on different meanings for us at CFDC but I think we have a healthy outlook of “trying hard, having fun, and seeing what we are made of”. Having said that, man wouldn’t it suck to be limited to these workouts all year long?! I don’t know about you, but the coaches are pretty ready to turn our attention to something else that’s been lacking. See, that’s the thing with fitness, any routine, no matter how awesome it is, provides the blueprint of your deficiencies, & brothers and sisters, we’re in the business of making you the best you can be. With that, the nest 3 months will look a little different. We want to target the ability to move large loads quickly, to increase our capacity to accelerate mass - I’m talking about getting stronger and improving our skill at the olympic lifts!

To prepare you, I’ve tried to think of some frequently asked questions you might have & here goes:

Why olympic lifts? why are they so important to you guys? they are hard and I don’t feel like I’m very good at them. I just want to workout so I can look good without my clothes on and feel good about myself.
Hey, great question. First of all, we love the olympic lifts because they give us so much bang for our buck. If you can preform the snatch and the clean and jerk WELL, we also know that you can do simple movements too. It means that you have an ample supply of power and speed (those sound important) as well as coordination (that’s good), balance (also good) and if you can do multiple reps in a row you get the benefit of cardio respiratory endurance (I think that’s something you need) and stamina. So basically everything any fitness program on earth could market to you for. All in three movements.


Them being hard is because they…are hard. No tricks here. They are much harder then running and pushups. But you signed up for a program that wants to provide the maximum not the minimum and ALSO provide a special place where you can improve skills and work hard. You’re not that person that wants everything to be easy, are you? You’re right though, the snatch isn’t necessary to life, but we’ve seen timid and weak people come in and have their LIFE TRANSFORMED but learning these tricky movements. These movement are like, totally an analogy for LIFE, bro. Think about it.

Ladies: meet Jessica Lucero. ALL she does is lift weights (she's the current national champion @ 121 lbs) and, WEIRD, looks great too!

Ladies: meet Jessica Lucero. ALL she does is lift weights (she's the current national champion @ 121 lbs) and, WEIRD, looks great too!

power and speed or 45 min amraps? 

power and speed or 45 min amraps? 

Oh and you want to look good and feel good, you say? When done right, with proper nutrition, you will look the best your body it ever has. Strong and jeans fitting right in just the right places…sign me up! no want wants to look at a flat butt in the mirror people. Turns out you don’t actually want to look like the person you think you need to train like.


Are you saying that all we are going to do is lift?

Nope. We will, however, see a light increase in the exposure to squatting, pulling and putting things over our head. We will continue to “WOD” just like normal and vary just like we always do. You will get no less fit, just stronger and better at the oly lifts.


Is there an end goal? I like to my training to work toward something.
Dude! US too! YES - we will spend the next 12 weeks working toward the goal of testing these lifts with an in house, CFDC style Olympic lifting meet. These will include weight classes, costumes, music, and more. It should be really fun and we are targeting sometime in june to be at our best!

You are such a great convincer and I will now do anything you say or ask me to with no questions or bad attitudes. I also think you are handsome. How do we start?
Wow. Thanks for that. First we have to test some stuff to see and show you that you’ve improved. We’ll do that this week. After that, we’ll just train like normal. try to come 5 days a week and specifically monday, tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday!