FRIDAY 4/29/16


10 Min E2MOM:
2x no-hook grip clean
[50, 55, 60, 60, 60%]

4 Sets of:
3x Jerk Balance
[30, 35, 40, 40% of jerk]

6 min E2MOM:
3x Speed Clean pulls
[70, 75, 80%]

2-4-6-8-10...etc, of:
power clean(70/50k)

Secure the bar in the jerk rack position and step into the full split jerk receiving position. Step about a foot-length back with the front foot into a partial split position—this will be the starting position for each rep. Keeping your weight balanced evenly between the front and back foot, dip straight down, drive straight up, and step the front foot forward into the full split position while punching the bar up into the overhead position. The back foot should stay connected to the floor throughout the movement and your weight should be balanced evenly between your feet when your front foot reconnects with the floor. The hips should also move forward as you step the front foot to keep them under the bar in the split position.