clean and jerk

back squat

front squat



People have gravitated toward Crossfit for a number of good reasons: the community, the coach-led workouts, the tough no-frills environment, or maybe even the fantastic playlists we keep spinning, but there is one reason and one reason alone that you SHOULD be concerned with and that’s results. Did you get better today? Everything else is nice, but it’s not the reason you came here and it shouldn’t be the reason you stay here. 

So, congrats to the individuals that achieved a personal best in the clean & jerk, the snatch, the front squat, and the back squat. Of all the athletes that tested, close to 97% of all members collectively bettered their previous records.  

Each of you that bested yourself inherently know there is nothing special about the clean and jerk, the snatch, the front squat or the back squat. But like any good systems engineer will tell you, improvement in this area communicates and correlate to improvement everywhere. 

We at CFDC are really excited for the results of this last phase and pumped to continue to tweak and tinker to produce the best physical version of yourself which, we believe will make every single aspect of your life better. 


Cheers to you, your consistency, and your hard work!