What to expect when you're expecting...to LIFT!

In three weeks time, CFDC will be hosting an in-house olympic lifting meet. The “in-house” part means that it’s just for fun and for CFDC members only, and “olympic lifting meet” means that we’ll be officially playing by the rules for what they’ll do in Rio this summer (olympics, cmon) for the Snatch as well as the Clean & Jerk.

They’ll be food and beverage and an opportunity to hang with everyone in the community Friday night, but what we really want is for everyone to feel like they can participate and ‘test’ their lifts from these 10 WEEKS (that’s right, it’s been that long) of training.

In order for you to feel empowered and confident that you can, in fact, do this, here are a few things you should know:


You will never really be ready

-once you can lift the bar from the ground with confidence, you are ready. If you wait until you think you are really good, then you’ll never be ready. There will be no perfect time to put yourself out there; to compete. Sure their is an ideal time (like say after practicing the lifts for 10 weeks), but there is no such thing as a perfect time. As long as you’ve been here for the time we’ve been practicing the lifts, their is no reason you shouldn’t throw down or be afraid.


You should know the rules

1) you have to weigh in. (When you show up, we’ll record your weight. We promise we won’t post it on IG, but after the dust settles we’ll figure out who, pound for pound was the best lifter. Pays to be the little guy!)

2) you have to know where you want to start for your snatch and your clean and jerk. (We’ll help you with that as it gets closer, but basically you’d want to start with a weight you know you can nail;everytime)

3) You’ll get three attempts at snatch and three attempts in the clean and jerk.

4) your best snatch and your best clean & jerk (from those three attempts each) will comprise your total.

5) The bar on the competition floor will never go down in weight. That means you start with the lightest and once that number is passed, you can’t go back down

6) once your name is called, you have 1 minute to attempt the weight on the bar. If the minute passes without an attempt, it is considered a failed attempt

7) once you lift, there will be some “judges” there, and the middle judge will say “DOWN!” that’s the signal to bring the bar back down to the ground


You should know the attire

good for church, dates, american gladiators, and CFDC in-house meet

good for church, dates, american gladiators, and CFDC in-house meet

-in the official sport of olympic lifting, you wear a singlet. This is basically like a wrestlers uniform but a little longer in the legs and a little ‘tighter”. For us, we are not going to turn you away if you don’t have a singlet, but you should wear some athletic clothes that fit snug so the bar doesn’t get trapped on them with that blazing speed you have! Besides that, if you want to bedazzle something or wear that ol high school speedo to raise an eyebrow tor two, have at it! (if you wanted to get a singlet, you know, to look good, you could always find a cheap one here, here)

weightlifting shoes are also preferred but not mandatory. You know what these are right? lots of people at the gym have them, they look like athletic ‘penny-loafers’ (raised heel & hard flat bottom). 1000 points if someone competes in penny-loafers


You should have some expectations

-in the entire CFDC network, I can think of less than 10 people total who have actually competed in an olympic lifting meet. Why mention that? Because you are in a safe place. You’re in a safe place 1) to compete & 2) to set realistic goals for yourself. That could be to “hit all 6 lifts without failing” or “hit my max in both the snatch AND Clean & jerk” or “just show up”. Whatever. We’ve been working with percentages for these lifts, so you should have a ball park number of what, if we woke you up at 2 am, you would be able to lift. Now that is a little over-exaggeration, but something that you could do TWICE, is a great first number to expect of yourself. From there, the second attempt could be close to you current max (or maybe a little under) and the third attempt (if all goes well!) you could really let your hair down and ‘go for it”


old joke but still gets me every time...

old joke but still gets me every time...


More info to come (like how to sign up, when to be there, and all that other stuff) but put the thought in your mind that you could do this, and it certainly could be an experience to remember!